Parashat Vayeira

Parashat Vayeira recounts akeidat Itschak, the binding of Isaac. I will share my father’s interpretation of that story:

All parents bind their kids. All parents impose on their kids their values, their worldview, their complications, their habits, their anxieties, their fears… And this is a heavy weight for the child to bear. The child goes along with the parent, because he or she doesn’t know that life can be different, that their mind can work differently, that they can want different things, because the only experience of the world the child has is mediated by the parent.

In fact, the binds that the parent imposes on the child are so tight and suffocating that they nearly kill the child. But, thankfully, at the last minute, the parent realizes that he or she must let go, and the parent does let go, just in time.


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